GI Scrubber

  • Sparky-gem

    The Sparky-gem scrubber is meant to ensure long lasting service in kitchens. Whether you are using the scrubber yourself or your maid is using, this scrubber is designed to retain the soapy foam on its dense surface for longer duration. As a result, more dishes can be washed in one go and with complete ease. It also ensures minimum soap or liquid dish washer usage, helping you save up to 40% on your liquid washer every month.

    Sparky gem scrubber is made of high quality G.I. which serves as the cleanser which thoroughly removes the dirt and impurities from the dishes, making it clean for your family. These G.I scrubbers are carefully designed to last long and absorb less liquid or soap. We at Scrubberjuna understand the value of your every penny and make sure you get the worth of every single penny you spend while buying a product.