Tough Scrub

Product Description: 

Tough-scrub is made of top quality stanless steel. This scrubber is nicely coiled in to make it easy for the user to hold it and the nice coil shape ensures that the palm and fingers of the users are safe from scratches which are always prone to some accidental scratches in case of scrubbers sold by other companies. The tough-scrub metal scrubber is designed to clean the toughest stains from the silverware. It is perfectly effective on all containers and metal items.

The Tough scrub scrubber offers not just thorough cleaning of utensils it also ensures that there are no scratch marks left on the surface of the utensils or metal items to be cleaned. As compared to other scrubbers available from big brands, our product Tough-scrub lasts longer and even after serving the user for longer period its coil doesn’t lose shape and protect users from damaging their hands while washing.