Scrubberjuna is a trusted name for providing kitchen supplies in Delhi and across India to households.

When it comes to kitchen items you need to pay attention to not just affordability but also the quality to make sure it becomes a staple item of monthly buying list. We at Scrubberjuna make our products keeping in mind both the factors. The scraped material used to make the scrubber is of high quality treated scrap metal to ensure it does not harm the users’ hands or fingers while using this scrubber.

The scrubber and juna for cleaning are a very important part of everyone’s kitchen. The good quality of material helps the users to clean everyday utensils with ease. We equally believe in both the parameters of quality and affordability. To ensure the quality we offered testing of this scrubber at hotels and restaurants and found the users very satisfied.

It is must-have items for kitchen item wholesalers and suppliers who their customers approach quality products. We shall be introducing a range of products in this segment in the coming time. However, to start with, we focused on the most used and integral part of everyone’s kitchen, i.e., juna and scrubbers.