Welcome to Scrubber Juna

We encourage customers and wholesalers to try our range of scrubbers made of steel and G.I for family’s kitchens and big restaurants alike. These scrubbers and junas are made of high quality materials to offer perfect cleaning every time. It offers better quality than most of the scrubbers sold by big brand at an economical price.

We at scrubber juna deal in all kinds of scrubbers, made of metal and plastic to give our users utmost satisfaction of thoroughly cleaned utensils. The scrubbers are designed to absorb less soap and offer effective cleaning. We are offering well thought range of scrubbers from tough-scrub to sparky-gem meant to clean ceramics and thermostatic plastic containers with equal ease. The toughscrub is meant to serve every kitchen in its purpose of providing with absolutely clean steel utensils without leaving a mark.